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White Loaf Ridge Consulting Plan Options

Hourly Rate Option
This option provides full control  to you, to determine the amount of time spent in a specific subject matter. In this case, WLR simply tracks time spent in client interviews, on the telephone, and writing reports or recommendations and will invoice accordingly.  

Day Rate Option
The day rate offers a relaxed measure of time spent. In this case, no hours are tracked. We get started as early in the morning as you wish. And we end the day as late as you’d like. Here, Charlie will dig a little deeper, ask more questions, do more creative brainstorming, and come up with new and refreshing solutions to age-old problems. 
The day rate option is ideal for new development, feasibility reviews, operational efficiency analysis, on-farm customer safety assessments, and other similarly focused tasks.

Three-Day Package Option
The White Loaf Ridge three-day package is our most popular plan. It capitalizes on the full extent of Charlie’s energy and experience and leaves the client with a written summary report.  This package is ideal for progressive farms that have been operating for years and whose owners desire a fresh assessment from an outside perspective. 
 The three-day package provides the perfect first big step for any farm preparing for future expansion, setting a foundation for a new strategic business plan, considering expansions to support bringing the next generation into the family business, or undergoing other significant changes in the farm or its management system.

Package Retainer Option
This “coaching package” offers you an opportunity to retain our services for a longer period of time. Over the course of 30 days, we work closely with you as temporary management partners in your business. By spreading the work out into small parts over a full month, it allows real time to play its role in ensuring that decisions are made wisely and strategies will be productive. 
The package retainer is used by farms that seek intensive guidance. They may be production and wholesale farms that have no previous experience working with retailing and the general public, or they may be “second career” farmers with limited experience but lots of energy, passion, and vision. In many cases, this can also be the perfect plan for experienced farm direct marketers who’ve made a commitment to dramatically overhaul the way they do business.

Customize Your Own Option
Every farm is different, and every situation is unique. White Loaf Ridge recognizes that flexibility is required. We welcome any proposal from a potential client so long as your proposal is clear and it considers the basis of the four standard options listed above.

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