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Speaking - Charlie Touchette

Charlie Touchette is the Executive Director of the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association. He was previously the Executive Director of the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers’ Markets for 12 years, and once worked as a Marketing Specialist for the Massachusetts Department of Food and Agriculture.

He has been a leader in farm direct marketing throughout the United States over the past two decades, including on-farm retailing, agritourism, and farmers’ markets.  He has a strong speaking background and excels in group-facilitation. Known for his stimulating, interactive discussions, his tell-it-like-he-sees-it style is particularly well suited for presentations to farmers and his open forum discussions promote lively interaction with conference participants.

Charlie also has plenty of first hand on-farm experience. He grew up on an egg production farm in Southampton, Massachusetts and is a graduate of the Animal Agriculture Program at the University of Massachusetts, Stockbridge School of Agriculture. He continues to maintain his 98-acre family farm today, producing specialty livestock and hay, and operating a managed woodlot. By combining his off-farm organizing skills with his farm life experiences, Charlie has developed a strong expertise in farm direct marketing innovations, agricultural conference implementation, association development, group dynamics, and farm family business management. 

He owns and operates White Loaf Ridge Management Company, a farm direct marketing consultation and association management firm, together with a team of three employees.  Charlie defines his company’s mission as one to help ensure that farm family businesses satisfy the desired lifestyles of the family members who operate them.

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