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Select one of North America’s most prominent farm direct marketing and agritourism expert for a dynamic presentation. Charlie Touchette is co-authors of Marketing on the Edge: A guide for progressive farmers. The book was developed by the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association and published by the Canada Farm Business Management Council. Charlie has worked for two decades to bring economic viability to family farmers across the continent through farm direct marketing and agritourism.

Farm direct marketing and agritourism are the fastest growing venues in agriculture today. Farmers all over the world are inviting customers onto their farms as a business management strategy. There is a huge learning curve that comes with having direct contact with customers. From new capital investments and equipment, to recognizing new regulatory procedures, farmers need to be studious in order to be successful. But the payoffs are well worthwhile. Charlie Touchette comes armed with an expansive portfolio of successful business plans and innovative ideas that are working.

Touchette is equally comfortable speaking with beginning farmers, or experienced farm direct marketers. Their presentations can be adapted for maximum benefit to either audience. And every presentation will be customized for your group and region based on interviews between Touchette and your key meeting planners. The sessions listed can be presented individually, as 60 –90 minute sessions, or they can be combined to provide multiple sessions within a given day at your conference. You might even want to consider combining several sessions for a full day workshop focused on all aspects of farm direct marketing and agritourism.

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