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Staff Biographies

Charlie Touchette is the founder of the White Loaf Ridge Management Company.  Charlie has a strong agricultural background. He has been a leader in farm direct marketing throughout the United States over the past decade.  Charlie is particularly known for his expertise in conference implementation, association development and group dynamics and farm business management. For more about Charlie, click here.

Cathy McKay is our customer service expert.  She has eight years of experience in the Retail Management industry and before joining the WLR staff worked as a Production Control Specialist at a local milk company.    She is now in the process of learning all that she can about office administation and web-site development.  She hopes to become "Charlie's right hand" someday and is ready to assist him in all areas of NAFDMA when needed. 

Brent Warner runs the Canadian office of White Loaf Ridge Management.  He is also the Executive Director of Farmers’ Markets Canada, a new organization trying to stimulate and move forward with farmers/ markets across Canada. He also runs his own agriculture production and marketing company that works with individual farmers and governments to assist the farming industry across North America.  He was the Industry Agritourism and Marketing Specialist with the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands (27 years) and was the longest serving board member of the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association. (NAFDMA), Massachusetts (15 years). His career spans over 30 years of working with farm families across North America. 

Virginia Schwarzenbach is our administrative and computer software consultant. This is supported by her expertise in database management and other computer software programs. She has a full understanding of the requirements for internal office performance efficiencies.  

Kelly Fuerstenberg is White Loaf Ridge Management Company's publications consultant. She helps to create the company's marketing pieces and ensures that all company publications are up to standard. 

Marcia Touchette provides support in the office as needed.  Marcia maintains an understanding of the week-to-week activities of WLR and can plug herself into needed situations to provide clerical services.  She is called upon to assist with mass mailing and other paperwork functions. She can also be seen at Conference and other Functions as general support staff.

Who We Are